Our most basic rights are under attack. Nebraskans continue to lose jobs and housing because policymakers refuse to address discriminatory practices. We are excluded from conversations about policies that significantly affect our community. And the legislature refuses to take basic steps to help hard-working Nebraskans lift themselves out of poverty and participate fully in our great city. You deserve to have your voice heard. I will fight for housing justice, strong and informed communities, and the fundamental rights of all Nebraskans.

District 28 is home to more than 6,500 rental households. Last year, in the middle of a pandemic, nearly 800 residents of District 28 were affected by an eviction. Only 5% of those eviction defendants had legal representation. This is unacceptable. It’s also something the legislature can do something about immediately, but only if we have representatives who are willing to make it a priority. Every Nebraskan deserves access to affordable and healthy housing. In my first term I will introduce or co-sponsor legislation to 1) improve how we incentivize the building of affordable housing 2) ban source of income discrimination, and 3) provide legal representation to every renter in an eviction proceeding. 

We are all stronger when our communities are vibrant and thriving. My experience in community development focuses on having conversations and listening to the needs of each neighborhood for long-term sustainability. I believe our legislators have the responsibility to not only pass good policy for the communities they represent, but also use their office to connect constituents to the power structures so often inaccessible to most of us. In my first year, I promise to work with the many nonprofits and cultural centers in District 28 to engage residents who do not have equitable access to resources they need to thrive in their communities. I also commit to hosting frequent town halls and keeping open lines of communication so I can maintain an up-to-date understanding of your priorities and the issues affecting our neighborhoods. I will also fight to make political participation in Lincoln more accessible. This starts with making permanent some of the temporary solutions introduced during 2020, like the legislature’s online comments portal.

Those in power like to tell us that we’re all on an equal playing field and have the same access to opportunity. We know that’s not true. Equity isn’t passive. Our most basic rights require furious protection because they are constantly under attack. As your senator, I will refuse to settle for apathy or ignorance when it comes to protecting and advancing voting rights, combating racism, ensuring all Nebraskans’ right to a quality education, fighting for a living wage, and stopping discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. These aren’t feel-good lines. They’re foundational battles that constantly need fighting.